As an independent country, the United States could make it's own treaties (or agreements) with other countries, but also it had to fight and fund its own wars.

Lousiana Purchase
As you may know from the previous section, the United States stattttes started as 13 colonies located in the east part of present-day US. In 1803, France, who had territory in present-day US, sold over 800,000 square miles of land to the United States. This is known as the Lousiana Purchase. This doubled the size of the United States and remains the largest acquisition of land in American history.

The United States was also involved in a few wars. Most of these were with other countries except one, the Civil War.

Key People
Abraham Lincoln: he was President and led the country during the Civil War. In addition he freed the slaves and saved the Union.
Susan B. Anthony: she was an activist that fought for women's rights and civil rights.

Key Documents
Emancipaion Proclamation: freed the slaves in the Southern states

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